The Coalition Against Bad Ads is on the Prowl

av Eddie Payton

As important ads are for businesses and publishers, some are on their way out thanks to Google. That’s right, the supporter of the ads has started to block irritating ones that take away from the experience of the website.

As of the 15th of February, Google Chrome will be blocking annoying ads on both their desktop and mobile versions. In an attempt to clean up websites from intrusive advertisements, Google has decided to follow the “Better Ads Standards.” These standards are the result of a project of the “Coalition for Better Ads,” which is a collection of businesses and organizations such as Microsoft and Google hoping to quell the use of adblockers and increase income for advertisers and publishers.

People don’t hate ads

Even though ads aren’t fun, most people are perfectly happy to enjoy free content with ads as long as they don’t block content or add unwanted sound, according to the coalition’s research. Google hopes to please users and publishers by forcing advertisers to comply with the new ads standards.

Adblockers have been the response to loud, annoying ads showing up on all sorts of sites. This has led to fewer people seeing ads and fewer earnings coming to the publishers. Some ads can be so obnoxious that users avoid the sites completely. Google’s Better Ads Standards will block large ads, ads that cover content, auto-play videos with sound, and other unappealing ads. This may lead to visitors removing their adblockers to support websites when ads aren’t aggressive or distracting.

Are my ads showing?

Take a look at this graphic and check if your ads fall under one of the blocked types of ads:

Coalition For Better Ads Better Ads Standards

You’ll see that the ads included in this list are widely considered to be obtrusive. If the ad blocks the web page’s content or plays unexpected sound, Google Chrome will block the ad and notify the user that the ad has been blocked with the option to turn the ads back on. Keep an eye on your ads to make sure they are considered a Better Ad.

Bad ads don’t help anyone

Annoying ads don’t just irritate visitors, they negatively affect their opinions about the content on the publisher’s site and the advertiser’s product, according to the coalition’s research. They found that people who had seen the same content page with different ads, the ones with the annoying ads in their now blocked list we rated with the worst overall experience of the website. Nobody wants this. Both advertisers and publishers want people visiting the web page. Also, visitors want a positive experience. Simply said, bad ads don’t help anyone. Thank you, Google.