Help! It's Social Media.

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You’ve got a Facebook page, a twitter handle, a Snapchat account, an Instagram. But you aren’t happy with the number of followers. Why won’t my customers follow us?

Managing your online presence seems like it should be easy, right? If people can manage a personal one, why should a business be so much harder?

Social media can be brutal. If your business is small or less interesting for youth, starting out on Facebook or Instagram can be tough. If your company is large and has a following, everything you say or don’t say can be the drop of blood in the water to sharks of the internet.


Yup. These accounts are the backbone of communication with your customers and will make or break a small business.

It’s settled. I just won’t make these accounts for my business.

Hah. No. It’s not that simple.

Without at least a Facebook page or a mention on Google, you’re losing out on a huge audience. This is 2018. Potential customers want to know your hour, location, and maybe a phone number. Most people agree that a quick Google search to get this information is ideal. Otherwise, they might go to your competitor who is online.

Fine, I’ve got a Facebook page. Now what?

I’ve said it before: Content is key. You want people who need you to find you. This means an optimized “About” section, relevant video and photos, and consistent, interesting posts on your page.

Optimized who? The transformer?

About sections tell your audiences who you are in a concise, simple way and help them find you through searching on Facebook or a search engine. Here you can explain what you do and your company’s values.  

What about my Facebook posts?

This is where you can share your own content or news about your content. Be a little egoistic. Have you been somewhere, held a speech or conference, or done something for the community? Now you have a spot to share. Visual media is often most popular and best to gain attention so it can be best to include a nice photo or engaging video. People like to see the faces behind a company.

You probably want traffic to your website, so you’ll want to put content there and link it to your social media posts. Run a blog or news section on your site to add content for your site. Keep it relevant to your skills and interesting.

Not everything works

You might have done everything “they” say to do. Added your information, kept it updated with interesting posts, and took amazing pictures for Facebook and Instagram. It’s still not working. You have to know how to analyze what worked and what flopped on your posts. Then you’ve got to optimize your strategy with a better bio or better hashtags.

To get your posts seen by a fresh audience that doesn’t follow you can be tough organically and relies on your current followers engaging in your posts. The answer to this is sponsoring posts.

Knowing how to optimize your sponsored posts to focus on your target audiences and make the best use of your budget is crucial. This means content, tags, audiences, timing, and budget. Target your posts just to people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to sell and share. 

Keep in mind

Social media isn't a billboard. It's not just about showing and telling. Instead, use it to listen to your customers, too. See how they react to posts or an experience with your services and listen. Answer both public and private messages to keep up a conversation with your audiences. Giving your customers a great online experience can increase the interest of those who see your responses and can lead to more potential customers through word-of-mouth.

You also want to create a discussion with your customers. The more comments and shares in reaction to your post, the more attention you'll get with people outside of your follows. Ideally, this attention comes from positive feedback through good customer service, a comedic post, or a relatable experience. 

Community management is one of our specialties. Check out how we helped out Blåhuset Kjøpesenter with engagement and Tussa with Facebook ad optimization. We can design a strategy just for your needs!

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