Promote Quality, not Quantity

av Eddie Payton

No matter where you go on the internet, especially social media and news sites, you can't avoid ads. The trend lately has been to get as much content out to the public as possible.

Many argue that spam emails are obsolete, people are getting numb to ad banners, and ads on video streaming are becoming easier to avoid. Everyone is pushing out content fast and in large numbers to reach as many as possible. This strategy of “outbound marketing” is, according to some, becoming outdated.

Wait, so what do we do now?

Change it up, of course! When content on the internet was growing, this concept was the norm: Make good quality content and worry less about quantity. Supporters of “inbound marketing” argue that creating high-quality content that meets a customer’s needs with good, helpful communication will attract customers on its own. With the help of the right keywords, good digital marketing skills, and comfortable communication, your content should be able to speak for itself. Potential customers looking to solve a problem will look for the best quality through well-described content, targeted to those who want it.

Being a long-term strategy, this can be a bit scary to some. You want results now, right? Getting people to see your ads can be great for your brand awareness, but it’s not so attractive to you as a business owner if you aren’t converting. People liking your Facebook posts doesn’t sell your product or service. What you need is an attractive, online presence and simple website that walks your customers through the process of getting the help they need.

Don’t worry, there’s a guide for that.

First, you’ve got to attract potential customers. As tempting as it can be to toss a bunch of ads out there, you just want the right customers who really need you right now. You want your name on the top of the search results list. This means well-targeted ads for your target audience and precise keywords. That way you both are happy. A great way to attract people is through blogging. You need content. Something educational and interesting to draw people in. Good social media presence is crucial to attract visitors as well. Keep your followers and potential customers up to date on your activities. This puts a face behind the product and can relay your values as a company.

The next step is to convert. So, you’ve got their attention, but now you’ve got to turn them into leads. To get this started, you need to create a dialog with your visitors through meetings and messages. Having a place to have their questions answered and concerns acknowledged will please curious visitors and help you improve your content if information is missing. Most importantly, to convert your visitors into customers it should be easy for them to get in contact and arrange meetings either physically or virtually.

Next comes the close. If you’ve turned your visitors into leads, you need to turn those leads into customers. This starts with good management between the marketing and sales teams to be sure that the sales team is closing on the leads that the marketing team is bringing in. It is also important to keep track of your leads. You can do this by scoring your leads in to see which or most likely to convert into customer and focus on them.

Finally, make them happy. A happy customer will turn into a promoter for you. Creating a pleasant experience for your customers will keep them coming back to make them happy and help them be successful. To keep loyal customers, your site and ads should be appropriate for them. Nobody wants ads for things they already have or ads that cater to new visitors. A key element to maintaining happy customers is the conversation after a sale. Let your customers give feedback in an easy way. Their comments and suggestions will help you grow and improve.

They’ll come to you

Inbound marketing may be the ideal strategy for you. People want the right content for them and they want it to be the highest quality for their needs. By focusing rather on a helpful online experience, you can make sure the perfect customers find you and keep them satisfied.

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